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For Italian elegance and luxury you can only consider Bvlgari. These handcrafted jewelled Bvlgari Glasses area must buy for any fashion concerned individual. The Bvlgari collections are designed for sleek, sophisticated and self confident men and women who want to distinguish themselves by wearing designer frames. Each frame is made with precision and takes just over 6 hours to enamel by hand, making them extremely desirable. Bvlgari Glasses are made with high quality materials and painstaking attention to detail, with a contemporary design making them exclusive accessories. The Bvlgari Eyewear range launched in 1997 and the range now differentiates in terms of style, fit, frame and colour - varying from black and white frames to traditional classic glass frames, so there is a huge selection for you to choose from. For glasses that could be considered as jewellery then you must choose the luxurious Italian design and craftsmanship of Bvlgari glasses.